Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My thoughts on Vlogging - Blogging etc.

I am really completely on the fence with my feelings regarding blogs and vlogs. As much as the freedom of information and ability to self publish is a great and noble idea it hardly ever works that way. The Blog/Vlog world is filled with personal opinions, rants, innacuracies and yet at the same time there is plenty of accurate, intelligent and thought provoking information available.

As I was reading I was thinking about how this specifically relates to learning and education and this is another area on which I cannot make up my mind. As I see it there are a number of negatives. Specifically, with so much information available, how does a learner weed out the massive amount of inaccurate information? It could become overwhelming and leave people unable or unwilling to even think for themselves. Whatever they're told would become fact until the next new truth popped up.

I do however see a potential positive which probably will not be proven or disproven until the current generation, the younger students who grow up with this type of information and knowledge available to them, become adults. It could also force those under the onslaught of so much info to become extremely critical and creative thinkers. Thus forcing them to be aware of their own opinions and belief systems at a much earlier age than people of my generation. When I was in school what the teacher taught and/or personally believed or what was in a book were the only facts available to us. If we put down our own personal opinion, on a history test for example, we were just plain wrong, no matter how valide our arguments might have been. However with this new tech everybody has the ability to become an expert and to really develop their thinking and this I think may be a positive that more than compensates for the negatives.

FYI, I'm not sure if we're supposed to post to the forum or to our Blog so I'm posting in both places.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Baby's first blog

Just got a chance to login for the first time. It's been an insane week of training and running a train-the-trainer class. Have you ever noticed that trainers are way harder to train than nice easy sheep like students?